Tuesday 22 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Book Characters I Would Want On a Desert Island With Me'.

This is such a fun topic I simply couldn't miss out on doing a post for this one! Let's get straight to it.

1) Katniss from 'The Hunger Games' Series; Suzanne Collins.

This one is frankly, a bit of a no brainer. She has survived on her own (and with others) before and knows a fair bit about survival skills, hunting (that bow and arrow of hers will be so useful), fighting danger and avoiding starvation/dehydration. In fact, without the Games Masters interference, I think being on a Deserted Island would be somewhat of a holiday for Katniss!

2) Hermione Granger from the 'Harry Potter' Series; J.K. Rowling.

What? Book loving Hermione? Why on earth am I bringing her along? Well doesn't anyone think that handbag of hers would be super useful. Not only would she bring a ton of essentials needed to survive, she could bring her an entire library along with her! I'll never be short of books and she has some experience of living in the wilderness. I think she'd be a useful part of the team.

3) The Fetch from 'Queen Of The Tearling'; Erika Johansen.

I'm reading this book at the moment (it's taking me a pretty long time) and I love this guy. He's a pretty shadowy character, he seems to be on the side of good but I'm never really sure of his motives, or even of his real identity. Nevertheless, he's very useful in a tight situation, seems to have countless skills and I would say is a definite expert on survival.

4) Karou from the 'Daughter Of Smoke & Bone' Series; Laini Taylor.

Karou is such a great character! She can do a bit of magic, including knowing how to resurrect people so that is always useful. Also, those teeth of hers to make wishes on could always come in handy. It would be nice of her to teach me how to draw too, I'm a tiny bit hopeless...

5) Four from the 'Divergent' Series; Veronica Roth.

This man can handle himself in a fight. Being a member of Dauntless, he would certainly be brave which is good for the kind of situation we're in. I imagine he would be pretty useful to send off exploring or hunting for food. Not only that, but he's clever too, and would be selfless if needed.

6) Patrick from 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower'; Stephen Chbosky.

I'm including this guy purely for entertainment value. I don't actually know how Patrick would fair on a desert island, I wouldn't imagine he would do too well. However, I feel like he would be so hilarious that I really don't mind. He's got a sense of humour I can really relate to and I'm going to need that so I don't go insane.

7) Piggy from 'Lord Of The Flies'; Atticus Finch.

I'm going to do the kind thing and give poor Piggy another chance. He has had experience of a desert island situation before, and he really wasn't listened to the last time. I honestly think that's wrong, he had some great advice and I would definitely listen to his little pearls of wisdom because I wouldn't have a clue!

8) Daine from 'The Immortals' Series; Tamora Pierce.

Daine is not only one of my favourite Tamora Pierce heroines, but she has a few useful magic abilities. She can communicate with and transform into animals! I would say if stranded on a desert island and in need of fresh water, the animals living there would certainly be the ones to ask. Not to mention, she might be able to persuade a few predators not to eat us.

9) Mal from 'The Grisha' Series; Leigh Bardugo.

Of course I was going to include this man, he's an expert tracker. He would be on food finding duty with Katniss and Four I think. He's funny, hard working and a good person too, which would be ultra important to me. It would be pretty useful to have him around and he knows how to handle weapons if needed.

10) Tristan from 'The Malediction' Series; Danielle L. Jensen.

Not only do I find this man hilarious (like Patrick) but he's got a fair few useful qualities. He's used to being trapped in the same place for years, knows when to make the decisions necessary to benefit the greater good and is good a a great many things. I think he would quite like some time away from his Kingdom and his family too, I certainly would if I were him.

Phew, that was so much fun! I can't wait to get round to reading everyone else's answers to this topic!

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