Thursday 26 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Readathon Day 4: Dating Profiles!

The moment that I read that this was today's challenge, I couldn't wait to pick my three characters from 'Cress'. See if you can guess who they are!

Nickname: Calling me 'Captain' will be fine.
Age: 20
Gender: I'm all man, baby!
Relationship Status: Single and willing.
Children: None, but a mini me would be fantastic.
Fitness/Body Type: Obviously I am at the peak of Physical Fitness. I have my military background to thank!
Education: Well I've learnt a few things over the course of my life but I wouldn't say school was necessarily the reason.
Income: Sporadic.
Occupation: Criminal mastermind. Duh.
Likes: Pretty young girls who can appreciate my dashing good looks, honourable nature and charming smile.
Dislikes: Technology.
Looking For: A shining light to guide me when all the world is dark...nah, just kidding. Just be gorgeous.

Nickname: A lot of people call me 'The Cyborg' or 'The Fugitive'...
Age: 16
Gender: Mostly female, with a touch of android to mix things up a bit.
Relationship Status: Single. Love really isn't on the top of my priority list right now.
Children: Woah, definitely not yet!
Fitness/Body Type: Well I guess I'm pretty fit. 
Education: I'm not officially educated but I've picked up a few life tips here and there.
Income: It used to be pretty stable actually, I had my own business"
Occupation: Previously I was a mechanic. Now I guess...Princess?
Likes: Fixing things and my droid Iko.
Dislikes: Queen Levana springs to mind.
Looking For: A way to disrupt a certain upcoming wedding so that I can explain to a certain Prince exactly what is going on. Oh sorry, is that off topic?

Nickname: Oh no one really has a nickname for me. At least not one that doesn't give it away...
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single...I don't really get out much.
Children: Oh I haven't really thought about it. Does Little Sister count?
Fitness/Body Type: Well I try to keep fit in my spare time!
Education: I didn't get to go to school, but I'm quite good with a computer!
Income: I don't get paid, I'm sort of a volunteer...kind of.
Occupation: Programmer and hacker for the queen.
Likes: Fantasizing over a certain young Captain, singing to opera songs, dreaming of a life on Earth, playing games with Little Sister.
Dislikes: Visits from my Mistress.
Looking For: A hero.

These are probably quite obvious but I'm really happy with how they turned out!

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