Monday 23 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Readathon Day 1: Kick-Off, Book Photography & Update Post!

The Readathon has begun! I've been really looking forward to this one because not only will I get an excuse to make myself read 'Cress' by Marissa Meyer, but I get to join in with a ton of fun challenges, such as this one! Today, I will be including a few photos based on the prompts given by  the lovely hosts Olivia's Catastrophe and Bookshelf Reflections and then answering some questions. This is also the post I'll be using to track my progress for this week!

The first photo prompt asked for a photo of my bookshelves. As I currently live in a Flat with Mat and a couple of friends, our shelves and books are pretty all over the place right now. I took a picture of the tidiest shelf in the room though to give you a small sample of our book collection.

The next picture prompt? My TBR pile of course. What else could a picture of two giant boxes represent. If you think that's bad, there's another two where that came from. And these are just the books that I own on my TBR. Let's not talk about the ones I haven't bought/borrowed yet...

I actually managed to combine the 'Where I Will Be Reading' and 'Blogging Space' prompt because I do both mostly in bed. I will also be reading on the Tube to and from work and blogging in our living room but this is the place I most enjoy to do those things.

This is yet another combination photo. One prompt asked for my favourite Fantasy book, which in my last post I said was 'The Snow Child'. I was unable to locate it in the short amount of time I had to take these photos, but this series is absolutely one of my favourite Fantasy series and I'm so proud of having this beautiful collection! It also involves magic, dragons and references to mythology so it fulfill that prompt too!

I'm afraid I simply didn't have time to arrange my Fantasy books into colour order, so I chose to move onto what I would be reading for this challenge. Of course I hope to get through more than just these two books, but 'Cress' and 'The Iron Trial' are the two I'm committing to for now.

Alright, so next up? Some questions! Some of you may remember that in the post from a week ago, I chose to be chained up with Tyrion from the 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' series during this Readathon. These questions are all based around that decision!

1) Now that Tyrion is chained to you, what do you want to force them to do with you? (Assuming you have their consent.)

Well I probably wouldn't want to force him into anything, seeing as he comes from a pretty powerful family that could have my head lopped off if I tried. I think that if I could though, I'd get him to tell me his life story because I find him so fascinating! I'd love him to tell me all about Westeros too, what it's like to live there etc.

2) Which books is Tyrion reading?

Oooh what an interesting question. I have a funny image in my head of him reading the entire 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' series so he can figure out everyone's moves before they happen. I also think he would probably enjoy books where the shorter people are the heroes such as Tolkien's 'Lord Of The Rings' series or 'The Hobbit', or even some memoirs/autobiographies (such as Schwartz's 'Walking Tall When You're Not Tall At All' or Ellen Frankel's 'Beyond Measure').

3) You've already spent 12 hours chained to Tyrion. How do you feel about them now? Anything irritating you yet?

Nothing would really be irritating apart from perhaps his constant sarcasm. I can just picture him having something to say about everything I do and that might grate on my nerves after a while, but then I have a sarcastic sense of humour myself so perhaps it would be okay after all.

4) How do you spend your day with Tyrion during the Readathon?

Well doing a lot of reading I would hope! Tyrion is definitely the reading sort so it would be nice for us both to catch up on things we've been wanting to read for a while (I get the feeling he doesn't get to read a lot in King's Landing with so much going on).

5) What would your relationship status be after the Readathon?

Friends I hope!

6) If given the chance, would you go back to Tyrion's world after the Readathon?

The prospect of going to Westeros absolutely delights me, and yet I would be so scared! Seriously, just because I'm a stranger to the place doesn't mean George R.R. Martin would have any kind of mercy. I'd probably be killed within seconds.

Now, last thing. It's time for my progress update chart, where I'll be keeping track of each day! Wish me luck!

Monday (23/3):
Books Completed: --
Currently Reading: 'Cress' - Marissa Meyer
Current Page Number/Percent: 0 Pages/0%

Percent/Pages Read Today: 0 Pages/0%
Approx Time Spent Reading: 0 Minutes

Tuesday (24/3):
Books Completed: --
Currently Reading: 'Cress' - Marissa Meyer
Current Page Number/Percent: 62 Pages/11%

Percent/Pages Read Today: 62 Pages/11%
Approx Time Spent Reading:  40 Minutes

Wednesday (25/3):
Books Completed: --
Currently Reading: 'Cress' - Marissa Meyer
Current Page Number/Percent: 141 Pages/26%

Percent/Pages Read Today:  79 Pages/15%
Approx Time Spent Reading: 60 Minutes

Thursday (26/3):
Books Completed: --
Currently Reading: 'Cress' - Marissa Meyer
Current Page Number/Percent: 246 Pages/44%

Percent/Pages Read Today: 105 Pages/18%
Approx Time Spent Reading: 90 Minutes

Friday (27/3):
Books Completed: 'Cress' - Marissa Meyer
Currently Reading: 'The Iron Trial' - Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
Current Page Number/Percent: 0 Pages/0%

Percent/Pages Read Today: 304 Pages/56% ('Cress' - Marissa Meyer)
Approx Time Spent Reading: 240 Minutes

Saturday (28/3):
Books Completed: --
Currently Reading: 'The Iron Trial' - Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
Current Page Number/Percent: 46 Pages/15%

Percent/Pages Read Today: 46 Pages/15%
Approx Time Spent Reading: 30 Minutes

Sunday (29/3):
Books Completed: 'The Iron Trial' - Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
Currently Reading: 'The Winner's Curse' - Marie Rutkoski
Current Page Number/Percent: 0 Pages/0%

Percent/Pages Read Today: 257 Pages/85% ('The Iron Trial' - Holly Black & Cassandra Clare)
Approx Time Spent Reading: 210 Minutes

I'm really excited about being involved in this Readathon, it looks like it's going to be so much fun!

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