Tuesday 4 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 04/02/2014: Being productive and facing fears!

I am on a roll with this promise keeping thing, I managed to be far more productive than I was yesterday. I got up early, drove my Mum to work, then came back and began my busy day of doing as much as I possibly could. This included a little Uni work (though not nearly as much as I should have done), emails etc. but as well as this I got a very decent amount of reading done. I'm now about three quarters of the way through 'It' so could have a review of that for you much sooner than anticipated. Speaking of reviews, a good majority of my morning consisted of writing book reviews (and entering a lot of Giveaways in hope) on Goodreads, for books that were on my 'read' list that I haven't (until today) managed to do anything for except rate them out of five. I feel so much better for doing this as it gave a definite fresh perspective on what my next few titles to read will be and allowed me to revisit fond memories of some of my favourite books. So, after 'It' I will be reading: 'Pure' by Andrew Miller, followed by Patrick Rothfuss' 'A Wise Man's Fear', the second book from the 'Kingkiller Chronicle' series, and after that I will finally get to read the fourth and final installment of 'The Inheritance Trilogy' by Christopher Paolini, 'Inheritance'. To check out my reviews of the others in the series, I suggest you take a look at my Goodreads account as I probably won't be revisiting them in the near future to give a full length review on here.

It is so nice to have some sort of plan to this, and I feel rather proud of myself for getting my act together a little more. I have got a list of the books afterwards and I think I have an order, but I know me and it will probably change, so I will give you all those titles as definite promises and get back to you on the next lot after I've made good headway through those. Another achievement of mine today is that I have upgraded my Cineworld Unlimited card (it needed renewing) into a Premium card. This means another year of films for me with some added perks! I felt this particularly needed mentioning as it involved me having to ring them up, an act that always leaves me shaking and in tears whenever I have to do it. I have no idea why but speaking on phones, particularly to strangers or companies has always frightened me and I was proud of my achievement today as it's a fear I am desperate to get over.

As far as tomorrow goes, I have Uni in the morning till early afternoon and then I desperately need to work on my script for my end of year project. I must remember that as much as I enjoy browsing the internet, updating my Goodreads account and writing this blog, I do have to actually do some work too. I probably, therefore, won't have an awful lot to report in terms of reading done but I may find some time after I have really worked to my own satisfaction. There you go, that's another promise I now must keep. It's worked so far, so I'm going to keep using this method as it seems to ward off my procrastination problem quite nicely.

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