Tuesday 18 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 18/02/2014: 'Cuban Fury'

What a day I've had! It has been so productive and I can't help but feel proud of my achievements. Firstly, blogging. This is my third post today! The first was a review of Italo Calvino's 'If On A Winter's Night A Traveller', which I have linked to the appropriate book challenges that I have entered. As well as that, today was 'Top Ten Tuesday'! The theme this week was things that I love about Blogging/Reading and I found it much easier to come up with answers this week (a bit of pre-planning goes a long way). I've made a hefty start on sorting out my previous book reviews and hopefully I'll have done the rest by the end of tomorrow.

Mat came over today and to be honest (I feel terrible) I ended up ignoring him for most of the morning in the name of productivity! In my defense, he had a lot of reading to do too, it is his Reading Week after all! So I helped him to be productive too, in a sense. After a couple of hours we played some Pokemon and decided what we were going to do that afternoon. We did think about going for a drive (Wahoo! Adventure!) but it looked chilly outside, despite he fact that the rain has finally stopped! 

We went to the Cinema this evening and watched 'Cuban Fury'. The film is so funny! It stars Nick Frost who in his childhood was a Salsa star, but an encounter with a gang of bullies saw him ditch the sequinned tops and give it up. Twenty five years later, a beautiful new boss inspires him to try again in an attempt to win her love. It was a wonderful, heart-warming comedy with some great punch-lines in it and fantastic characters. I don't think I have ever hated Chris Dowd so much (not him of course, the arrogant arsehole he was playing). Olivia Colman too was wonderful, and of course the dancing in it is fantastic! I'm not used to seeing a film that has Nick Frost in it, without Simon Pegg. But watch closely, you might find that the other half of the duo isn't so absent after all!

All in all, a great day but rather tiring. I'm catching the train again tomorrow, so back to reading 'Pure' for me! I have a lecture in the morning, followed by work and a Show Preview in the evening so I will be home quite late. 

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