Tuesday 11 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 11/02/2014: Planned reads update!

It is my first 'day off' of the week, though I wouldn't really call it that because I got so many things done! Firstly, earlier today I posted my first 'Top Ten Tuesday' and this week's topic was 'Books That Will Make You Swoon'. I found this incredibly hard. Mostly because I was thinking of books as I went, as I'd only managed to think of three or four beforehand. But as well as that, this topic was definitely one I dreaded as not very many books do make me swoon. I achieved seven, not a bad score, and the term swoon definitely took on a number of definitions for the post. It was still fun to write though and I'm happy with how it turned out.

This morning, I went to get some fuel for the car and do a bit of shopping. I mostly bought a few bits and bobs for Valentines Day (I am on it this year, I normally do everything last minute) and I am so excited to give Mat his presents! I can't believe its only three days away! As well as that, I also bought myself a magazine called 'Writing Magazine'. As I want to become a writer I feel that practicing is important whenever I have the time. I haven't read it properly yet, but a quick flick through revealed some very interesting looking competitions which I thought it would be fun to enter. I like a challenge.

Most of the afternoon (after finishing my post) was filled with sorting out my blog, my Goodreads account and just generally keeping busy. After taking a look at my promised up and coming reads, compared with the challenges I have set myself for over the course of the year, I realised that I am going to have to push back reading 'A Wise Man's Fear' and 'Inheritance'. Those two books are just so big and I still need to read a Contemporary book for 'Jumble Your Genres' and a book with one of the chosen words for the 'Key Words' challenge by the end of February. But, I have a plan! Firstly, I am (as well as reading 'Pure') in the process of getting through Italo Calvino's classic 'If On A Winter's Night A Traveller'. I started reading this while staying with Mat a few weeks a go, and it was really only serving the purpose of being something to read on the tube. Mat has kindly agreed to bring it down at the weekend so that I may finish it and use it in my challenges. You can look forward to a review of that fairly soon! My chosen Contemporary book will be Stephen Chbosky's 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower'. I have seen the movie (it's fantastic!) and I am so desperate to get cracking on this book! Also, if I can, I will try to get Jackie Kay's 'Red Dust Road' in there as an extra 'Key Words' entry (sneaky!) 

So there you have it, my next couple of planned reads!

I also had time to go to Staples with Bev (my sister) this evening after dinner and I bought some new pens and a couple of notepads. I want to get more organised with blogging and exactly what I will be posting about (not another repeat of desperately trying and failing to come up with a list of books on the spot). So now I have a notepad just for this purpose, so that any ideas I do have can be recorded on the go! Handy! I sadly didn't get as much Uni work done today as I had hoped, but then, I did achieve a lot Monday. Tomorrow looks to be a busy one, what with a lecture, previews to attend for the shows on the night I am company managing and another show which I'm both helping to set up for and watching in the evening. I'll be back late and won't have time for much blogging except my daily post. So far, I have not missed a single one! Go me!

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