Monday 3 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 03/02/2014: Lazy day.

Today has definitely been one of my more unproductive days. I spent a good majority of the morning in just my pyjamas, catching up on some YouTube videos that I have missed over the last few days from my subscriptions (Namely Markiplier, if you are fond of Gaming Channels as I am, particularly Horror Games, then check him out. He's fantastic and does a lot of stuff for charity!) Upon realising that I had to leave for work in the next couple of hours, I hauled myself from the sofa and got ready to go. An uneventful drive, followed by an uneventful work shift makes for a very boring blog post unfortunately. But I told myself I would write these every day and I will keep that promise. This evening has mostly consisted of being lazy again, watching the TV ('QI' to be exact, seriously Stephen Fry just makes me so happy) and trying to think about what I would write about tonight.

So I have decided to try and be more productive and interesting tomorrow, in order to make the related blog post a little more worth reading. I'll be getting up early to drop my Mum off at work (such a good daughter, seeing as it's my day off) and I'll have most of the day to myself. I have a few things to do for Uni (naturally, when would I ever have a break from that?) then some major working on my Goodreads account and reading to be getting on with. I'm really getting back into 'It' very quickly so I am going to keep at that one for a while and see how I go. If progress is slow, I may post a review or two of previously read books so that I can really get a bit more variety into this blog. I hope also to start participating in a few challenges just to get things up and running! On Goodreads, I have pledged to read 35 books (aiming high...) this year in the 2014 book challenge and I'm already 1 book behind schedule. A lot of my planned reads are long, I may have to pick a few short ones to bump up that figure.

Hopefully I'll have a more interesting post tomorrow! I did score a personal best of 22 on 'Flappy Bird'. So I suppose that's something.

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