Thursday 20 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 20/02/2014: Spring Cleaning.

Well supposedly Spring is almost upon us (it still feels like Winter to me) and so it's the time of year to have a good sort out. My parents have been nagging on at me for a while about tidying my room (it is a mess) and so I made a start today. Currently, I have piles of books on the floor. Why? Because I have nowhere to put them. Or should I say, I had nowhere to put them. I managed today to clear away and bag up all the books I plan to sell, most of them being Uni books I simply don't need anymore. I now have lots of shelf space for the multitude of books that I buy! Yay!

After doing that job, I went to Mat's house for the day. We played games, like we usually do (both of us are a bit addicted to it) and caught up on some TV. Three cheers for 'The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year' and 'Top Gear'! I did also nap a lot today, my body clock is going stupidly out of sync. I keep going to bed late, waking up early and then sleeping some more in the afternoon. This must stop because I'm waking up in the nights too. Despite a fairly relaxed day, I found time to sort out the other book reviews to a layout that I want (finally!) and make a good start on Simon Ings' 'Wolves' which I'll read alongside Andrew Miller's 'Pure' so lookout for those two reviews in the near future!

Tomorrow I plan to do a bit more tidying in the morning before Mat comes to get me. Blog-wise I need to do a bit of planning and challenge hunting, and I need to update my Goodreads too. The lecture I would normally have is no longer happening, instead I'll have tutorials (but I won't have one tomorrow). I don't have work either, so a fairly free day for me! 

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