Monday 10 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 10/02/2014: Multimedia Piece sneak peek!

I have had such a good day. Mere minutes after I blogged yesterday's nightly post, I got a message from my lovely friend (deviantART here) who is doing the art for my Multimedia piece. She has drawn some character concepts for it and was in the process of doing some sketches for the environments I'm after. She posted them on Facebook for me and I am going to put them here because I am just so excited about them! The piece will be based on the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood', to give you some context, and will basically be a fully immersive performance which involves a live narrator telling the story, and the audience choosing the path that this particular Red Riding Hood should take. It therefore involves a lot of research, a lot of scripting and a lot of art which as you can see I'm receiving some good help with. I had a lecture today on the topic and I am so happy about how it is progressing so that certainly started off my day well. I was completely taken aback just by how much she had understood exactly what I wanted and, despite claims that she isn't psychic, managed to draw the environment art exactly how I imagined it in my head! The character concept too was beautiful and has given me so many ideas for my Poster/Programme design that I have been planning like a trooper in my notepad all day!

Next up in my day was work. As knackering as it was, I actually had a really good shift today! It went pretty fast, despite a quiet afternoon customer wise, and that meant that this evening's activities came quickly. As it was one of my friend's birthdays, she invited me and a couple of others out for dinner. I had a lovely time! The food was delicious and it was so nice to be able to relax after a busy day and have a laugh! Three cheers for a good night out! Despite having to wait 45 whole minutes for the train afterwards in the cold (that will teach me not to check the timetable properly) I still went home in good spirits, as a 15 minute train journey means? Yes! You guessed it! Time to read some more of my book in an effort not to fall asleep and end up goodness knows where! I'm about a sixth of the way through Andrew Miller's 'Pure' and I am pretty intrigued to see where everything that has happened so far is leading up to. 

Time now for bed, I have another day off tomorrow though a lot to do in terms of work and going out (so not really a day off then). 

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