Sunday 9 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 09/02/2014: Patriotic and proud!

Well considering it has been my day off, and Sunday is normally 'laze around and get nothing done' day, I have been ridiculously productive. And a fair bit has happened. So, first off, I posted earlier about all the challenges I am going to be taking part in over the course of this year (so far, obviously I may add to this) and you can read about that there, so I won't ramble too much now. All I can say is that I am very excited about every single one. I feel like setting myself these will not only give me more focus and direction with this blog, but will help me to integrate myself into the blogging universe a bit more and meet like-minded people! What could be better? I feel a little more like my life is coming together the way I want it to and that makes me happy. My boyfriend read my blog for the first time last night and I could honestly cry because he told me that he was proud of me, and that was so nice to hear. This might sound a bit cheesy, but more than anything, it is wonderful to know that someone is so supportive of my decision to give up time to really focus on doing this in order to better pursue my rapidly changing life goals.

As well as this, you remember that end of year project for Uni I talked about? My multimedia final piece? Well as I type, my arty friend has just messaged me and told me she's doing the first couple of sketches right now. They're only pencil drafts at the moment but it has just filled me with fresh excitement about this whole thing! I cannot wait to have this show, my show, up and running and ready to perform to all of my friends and family. Who knows what could arise from it? Sometimes I worry about not being able to see what the future holds, and how scary it looks to not have anything to hide behind anymore. But at times like this, I feel like the world is literally at my fingertips and actually, my future will be what I make it. So I'd better get cracking!

As for the rest of my day, I have been mostly working on my blog and Goodreads. I did watch Top Gear (I love this show) and I won't say much but I have to say how happy I was that Tom Hiddleston was driving the Reasonably Priced Car! Most of my TV watching today however was taken up by the current Winter Olympics. As a British Citizen I am proud to announce that Jenny Jones, Snowboarder won Britain it's very first ever Winter Olympic medal on snow! How cool is that? A remnant of London 2012 Olympic spirit perhaps? A sporty person I really am not. But I am rather patriotic so I had a bit of an excited dance over that news. Well done Jenny Jones! Really I should be off to bed now because I have to get up early tomorrow (6:15am, why?!) and I've got a very busy day. Just one more note, before I end this post: I am wearing socks with foxes on them. I don't think I can begin to describe how happy this makes me.

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