Friday 21 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 21/02/2014: Spring Cleaning Part II.

I really went to town on my room this morning folks! I realise that cleaning may not be the most interesting of topics to blog about, but if you could have seen my room before today, you would know that this is a momentous occasion for me. The task is by no means finished, but it's well on its way. I managed to put away the huge pile of books by my bed. They now live in my newly sorted bookshelf (and already fill it up! Oops!), I've got rid of the various bags that littered my carpet. You can actually see the carpet now! I've hoovered and finally put away about three weeks worth of freshly cleaned clothes. Goodness, just typing about this is depressing because I'm quickly realising how much of a slob I am! What's left to do? Dusting, clearing my desk, clearing my bedside table, organising my paperwork, a lot basically. But I'm very proud of my progress!

Right now let's talk about something more interesting. I saw Mat again today and I got home from his about an hour ago. I've been seeing him a lot recently (he's coming over again after he's worked tomorrow) but it is so nice to be able to spend this much time with him and to be honest, I'm making the most of it before he goes back to Uni. We generally messed around on games, which we do a lot. It was a bit sunnier today, and we toyed with the idea of going out somewhere but it is still very cold and it's a good thing we didn't because it did actually rain later anyway. I tried not to be on my blog too much because I feel like I'm messing around on it a lot while I'm around him, it was nice to do a few more things together today!

On another note, four of my six books that I ordered from The Works arrived today! I reckon the other two will arrive tomorrow, and then I probably won't get to do much in the way of book shopping for a while because I have so many to read! I'm considering doing a book haul at the end of each month perhaps to show you all what's been added to my bookshelf each month. Obviously if I do, February's would be pretty big as I have a lot of books that I bought/borrowed/won this month! Also, I found this pretty neat idea online and was considering buying a subscription. Book Riot offer a lovely quarterly package (so every three months) for a $50 subscription fee (about £30). I thought the idea was sweet and found a monthly one at The Willoughby Book Club for £39.99 (I love the idea, they offer lots of different subscription types but I would go for the Bespoke Subscription as it's a mixed bag rather than genre specific). It would help to keep my bookshelves fresh but the price is just keeping me from committing at the moment. I think they would make a really cool gift idea though!

Other than that I haven't much else to talk about. There hasn't been time for me today to sort out anything blog related or go challenge hunting like I said I would yesterday, but that's okay. I think also that I'm going to start an end of week 'Wishlist' for cool gift ideas that I see while I'm browsing the internet (I see so many things and I really need to share them, sorry)! They won't just be book related but will probably include books that I'm pretty desperate to read along with a few other, probably quite geeky random things that caught my eye. The first of those should be up this Sunday.

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