Monday 24 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 24/02/2014: Ridiculously tired.

I had a grand total of two hours sleep last night. Don't ask me why, I just found it really hard to and had to get up at 6 in the morning. So this blog post is a bit early so that I can go to bed early tonight. First, I drove to Uni. No problems with Phoebe the Fiat today, so that pulled my mood in a more positive direction. 

When I got to Uni, I began working a little more on my Multimedia piece. My arty friend who is helping out sent me another cheeky picture, a rough draft of one of my introduction scenes. I am literally so excited about this project, and it's looking like she may be down this weekend, so hopefully I'll meet with her and will have more to report then! As well as this, I managed to get my background music sorted today. Another friend of mine and Mat's studies composition and agreed to knock up a few ambient tracks that can loop while my piece is being performed. I'm very happy with my progress today!

We had a momentary power cut today at work, which was a bit scary! It took out the shop lights over the road completely (luckily not ours) and quite a few of the traffic lights in the surrounding area (which I discovered while driving home). When I got home, my other two books that I ordered from The Works had arrived; 'Stealing Phoenix' by Joss Stirling, 'The Law Of Angels: An Abbess Of Meaux Mystery' by Cassandra Clark. I probably won't get to read them for a while, particularly as I will need to read the first books in both series first (Kindle here I come). Tonight, I plan to get a lot more reading done. With any luck, I will finish 'Pure' within the next couple of days because I really need to read 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' too! Eek!

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