Sunday 23 February 2014

The Liebster Blog Award!

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister Bev at Tutus and Ballet Shoes nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. It is designed to be a bit of fun so that smaller blogs get a bit of recognition and an opportunity to talk about themselves a little more. So without further ado, here are the rules:
  • List 11 Facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions put forward by whoever nominated you.
  • Ask 11 new questions to 9 bloggers. They must have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin' (or there preferred method). You cannot re-nominate the blog that nominated you.
  • Go to their blog and inform them that they have been nominated!
Here we go!

11 Facts About Me:

1) I am a student, currently studying Performing Arts at University, though I have come to realise that I want to be a writer.
2) I am a self-confessed chocoholic. Honestly it's an addiction.
3) I am a massive fan of reading books. Fantasy is my favourite, but I read and enjoy a lot of genres.
4) My favourite colour is green. I don't know why, I just love it.
5) As well as books, I love films and the theatre.
6) My favourite band is Florence & The Machine but I have a varied and ever-changing taste in music.My favourite thing to listen to are film scores and soundtracks. Whenever I watch a film, I always find myself checking out the background score too!
7) I am a Disney freak! Old or new, I think the films are great and I am constantly singing all the songs!
8) I am also an avid gamer. I have always wanted to set up my own Youtube gaming channel but I simply don't have the time or money to do it!
9) I have a lovely boyfriend, Mat, who means the world to me and I've been with him for over four years now.
10) I currently live with my Mum, Dad and sister, but it's looking more and more like I'll be moving out this Summer to London! Exciting stuff!
11) This last fact was added in way after I wrote the post because it seems I can't count. Whoops!

11 Questions From Bev

1) Where Were You Born? 
I was born in Ashford, Kent (UK) at the William Harvey Hospital. Ashford is where I live now!
2) What song do you listen to to cheer yourself up? 
Oh now that's difficult. 'Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way' always makes me smile because it reminds me of the film 'Matilda', which is very close to my heart.
3) Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Still blogging hopefully! But more importantly, I see myself living elsewhere (with Mat) and writing (hopefully successful) plays and books.
4) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as an attempt to give myself a good kick up the arse. To practice writing, the thing I love doing most of all! I haven't looked back since, keeping it up is my proudest achievement.
5) If you were a biscuit, what biscuit would you be?
My instant thought was a bourbon but that's probably because it's my favourite. But thinking on it, I'll go for a Rich Tea. British, a bit plain looking, and loves a good cup of tea!
6) Name one thing that puts a smile on your face.
So many things do! Book shopping is the one I'll say here, but honestly I'm a pretty smiley person most of the time!
7) Name the worst book you've ever read.
Oh goodness I know exactly what I'm going to put here. This might cause controversy, but I cannot stand the 'Twilight Series'. Specifically? The final book. It was the most ridiculous, terribly planned, time wasting series conclusion I've ever read. I felt like Meyer rushed it.
8) What's your favourite flavour ice cream?
Oh now I would have to say Chocolate Fudge Brownie! Particularly Ben and Jerry's. I could literally live on the stuff.
9) If you had enough money, what would you buy right now?
So many options! Either a library because I desperately need shelf space, a super computer that I could play some good games on and actually start up the previously mentioned Youtube channel or a house. A big one. If only!
10) Do you have any role models? If so, who?
My celebrity idols are mainly actors. Tom Hiddleston, Ewan McGregor, Maggie Smith, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart to name but a few. I'm a big fan of actors that have theatre roots. I also love Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, I just think they're great!
11) When was the last time you cried?
Oh goodness, it doesn't take much to make me cry I'm afraid! Probably a few days ago but I can't remember why! Something silly I'm sure!

11 Proposed Questions:

1) If you could be a book character, who would you be?
2) Which country would you most like to visit?
3) What is your favourite food to eat?
4) What about blogging do you find the most challenging?
5) Who is your favourite author?
6) What is your proudest achievement?
7) Do you have any pets? If not, would you ever want one?
8) What do you do in your spare time other than blogging?
9) What sort of films, if any, do you enjoy?
10) When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?
11) What is your current occupation?

9 Nominated Blogs


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