Thursday 13 December 2018

Mini Review: Starfighter [Ch. 2]; Hamlet Machine.

A definite improvement on chapter one, though I'm still a little unsure about this space-set M/m comic.

SOURCE: Internet
TYPE: Web Comic

TITLE: Starfighter
AUTHOR: Hamlet Machine
SERIES: Starfighter (Ch. #2)
GENRE: LGBT+, Graphic Novel, Web Comic, Erotica, Sci-Fi

RATING: 3.5/5 Stars

After surviving the most intense day of his life, young navigator Abel is harboring doubts about having started a romantic relationship with his quick-tempered squadmate, Cain. 

Stories of the fighter's volatile - and violent - past abound on the station, and it's proving difficult to separate truth from rumor. 

When an alien menace threatens all he holds dear, Abel must keep a clear head - but how can he concentrate when his thoughts keep returning to his mysterious new partner?

Overall Conclusion:
I had some issues with the first chapter of this webcomic because it contained a lot of non-con and dub-con, and that makes me more than a little uncomfortable. That's still present in this second chapter, but less so and I'm beginning to feel that there is a little more chemistry and a little less violence in this ship. The world-building is also more detailed, which is so much better! I'm very curious to see how the world that Hamlet Machine has created develops. I'm really hoping to see more plot and less sex in future chapters, but no one can fault Hamlet Machine's phenomenal artwork!

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