Saturday 1 December 2018

Planned Reads for December.

December is here! And I have a lot of high hopes for this month because I've actually got a substantial portion of time off! So here are the eight reads that I've got planned.

First on my list is Kendra Leighton's 'Glimpse', a retelling of the famous poem 'The Highwayman' and a book I had on last month's TBR that I really want to read. I have so many NetGalley books to catch up on and I'm trying really hard to work my way through them as a priority!

This next book, 'Feminists Don't Wear Pink & Other Lies' curated by Scarlett Curtis caught my attention as soon as I read about the Topshop controversy. I really want to read this because so many of my role models have contributed something to this book and I think it will leave me feeling super inspired!

Winter is the perfect time to read science fiction! Space is cold, and so is December! Okay, you can read sci-fi any time of the year but I really want to read 'The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet' by Becky Chambers. I've seen it described as Mass Effect in a novel. Yes. Please.

I'm also a really big fan of murder mysteries and 'The Last' by Hanna Jameson looks really cool! Sort of a cross between The Shining and And Then There Were None, I think this has potential to be a really fun read.

My next chosen book is special - I can't describe to you how excited I am to read it! 'Enchantée' by Gita Trelease is probably one of my most anticipate 2019 reads and I've got an ARC to read! How exciting!

The cover of my next pick, 'The Sisters Of The Winter Wood' by Rena Rossner is stunning. But beyond the illiustrations, this read looks creepy and filled with folklore/magical realism and that makes me very excited!

'Ash Princess' by Laura Sebastian is looking to be the one that got away from me this year and I really don't want it to be. The similarities to the classic fairy tale Cinderella are too cool looking for me not to read it! I really hope I get round to it this month.

Last but not least, I want to read 'Everless' by Sara Holland. I have had this on my TBR for some time, but it was one of the few books that my friend who has recently left for New Zealand (a) recommended to me repeatedly and (b) gave her copy to me before she went.

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