Friday 20 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 20/06/2014: The University Musical!

I have had myself quite a hectic day today guys, particularly during the afternoon . This morning I checked through my emails and found a number of interesting ones! Firstly, I posted earlier about Vanessa Morton's competition on her page, which has a generous prize too. As well as that, an earlier win was finally sent to me,  'Mary Hades' by Sarah Dalton . I've been really looking forward to getting into her work, so I hope I like this book! I did have work today too, which was very tiring. After my shift I had a meal out with Mat and Bev at a lovely restaurant in Canterbury. This was shortly followed by watching my uni friends in a great production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Both cast and crew were fantastic and it reminded me of how much I love thrat musical. 

Tomorrow I have work in the morning, then an afternoon to catch up. Plenty of reading
to do!

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