Tuesday 3 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 03/06/2014: Advanced screening?

Well readers, I have some pretty exciting news to share! You may, or may not, be aware that Mat and I both have Cineworld Unlimited Cards. This means that we get invited to see certain films a little bit early, and this month's film is 'The Fault In Our Stars'. I am extremely excited, I literally almost jumped through the ceiling when I first found out and Mat booked tickets immediately. The screening is on Monday 16th June so as soon as I've watched it, I'll let you all know my thoughts! Other than that, my day has mainly been headache filled. I have been feeling really tired and not well so I've been doing very little other than driving my Mum to the Garage as promised. I read a bit (though not as much as I hoped. Migraines plus reading books don't make a good concoction). I did also do some puzzles and watch my sister play The Sims 3. I really want to get playing that game a lot this Summer, I love it!  I also wrote my Top Ten Tuesday post which as always was so much fun! It made me really excited for my upcoming reads!

Tomorrow I'll be seeing Mat, reading, I have a Dentist Appointment and then I'm off to London! Again! We're hoping to go looking at a couple of houses, but I'm really looking forward to our Theatre trip on Thursday! 

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