Thursday 5 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 05/06/2014: 'Let The Right One In' on stage!

Let me just start by saying I've had a really nice day today. I did manage to get a small bit of reading done, and generally relaxed in the morning. It was nice to be able to do so again and it really hit me that Uni is actually over for good. Gulp! We went to view the house in the afternoon, only to find that no Estate Agent turned up! Apparently they had rung and left a message to cancel the viewing, though Mat didn't have a missed call so I'm not so sure. Still! The trip wasn't entirely wasted! we went to the nearby Sainsburys and bought a few bits and bobs, including some Ben & Jerries! Yum!

After going out for a lovely Italian, we made our way to the Theatre to watch 'Let The Right One In'. My parents bought me the tickets for my birthday and I've been really looking forward to watching it, the Swedish Film Adaption has always been one of my favourite films. I wasn't sure what to expect. I wondered how on earth they were going to stage half of the scenes, but having seen 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime' at the Apollo, I have every faith that it would be an awesome show. I was not in the least bit disappointed and found myself blown away on so many levels! I'll start by saying that the seats we had gave us an amazing view, and the set looked just beautiful. I've included a picture, and I was shocked about just how realistic everything was! They even had a sky scene on the roof that you could see if you looked up.

So, the acting. Rebecca Benson as Eli was just fantastic. She gave the character a beautiful mix of vulnerability and ferocity, and she really did seem so otherworldly. Martin Quinn was also amazing, especially considering that it was his professional stage debut! When I read that in the programme, I was blown away! The two of them together were just lovely to watch and I really liked watching the relationship build, just as I did in the film. I also liked that the show as a whole really heavily drew from the film, but managed to be it's own thing as well. It had a perfectly creepy atmosphere, amazing soundtrack (so beautiful at times) and I almost cried at a few points during the show. The way that they achieved some of the effects as well were just amazing. If you enjoyed the film I really recommend this show. See it while you still can!

Tomorrow, Mat and I are in all day. He needs to pack up most of his things to move from Uni and has told me I can spend the day reading if I like. I'll probably help him a bit, but I hope to make lots of progress!

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