Sunday 22 June 2014

Weekly Wishlist #18

Well guys, as you probably know if you've been following, I am moving to London with my lovely boyfriend and a couple of his Uni friends. We've found a lovely flat that we like, we've signed some paperwork and I'm really excited! Of course nothing is concrete yet, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a list of things I'm looking forward to having/wishing for in the new flat. I was a little upset and grumpy yesterday but I'm feeling much more positive and happy today and I wanted to share that with you guys!

1) Bookshelves. Now of course this is such an obvious one, I have a huge collection of books and it needs to go somewhere! There isn't a huge amount of room in the flat for tons of shelf space, but I'm just really looking forward to being able to choose ones I like, what books go in them, how they are ordered, everything! As we'll be renting it will have to be a unit rather than shelves fixed onto the wall, and the ceilings arch off so I won't be able to have an overly tall one. But I'm just excited to organise everything!

2) DVD/Blu-Ray Stacks & TV Stand. Yesterday, Mat rang me up and told me that he was buying a heavily discounted TV (like, over half the price it should be) and PS4. Naturally I was a little taken aback at an impulse buy when we should be saving, but it was a good deal and I did really want them. Looking around furniture stores, I've realised that I might have an inner love for interior design that I had not previously realised I possessed. I really love books, and I'm also hugely obsessed with watching films so I would be needing lots of storage space for DVDs. I love this idea, I think it would be awesome! Then all of the TV related bits and bobs could go together! It's probably a bit out of my price range, and a little too tall but a nice idea!

3) A Desk. As Mat is still at Uni and I want to be writing/blogging in my spare time, a desk is basically a necessity in our room. I would love to get a really nice one that can store everything that is needed without taking up too much space. While browsing, I saw this one and thought it was gorgeous! You might have picked up that I'm a pretty minimalistic person, I don't like lots of decoration or embellishment on things. Simplicity makes me happy. And I am a huge fan of space saving too, so the idea of a corner work-station really appealed to me!

4) Dinner Sets. I have such a strange fixation on matching crockery and am looking forward to being able to get hold of my own! I really liked the look of this one (green is my favourite colour, so naturally this set was going to leap out at me). Plates, dishes, bowls, cups, as long as they match and look nice then I'm happy! 

5) Ornaments. Okay yes, I won't have much space in the house, and ornaments won't be the priority. But I'm looking forward to putting a little stamp on the flat, seeing as it will be my first home away from home! Again, I really like minimalist, particularly as this is by no means a permanent move. But I'm looking forward to making it look pretty!

Okay so actually this Wishlist was a little unexpected. I think the fact that I'm moving out is really hitting me and I keep getting these little bursts of excitement that make me realise how excited I am for a place to call my own (well mine shared with others, but I'm really looking forward to it). These may seem like really random things to be excited about but this is just a few things of many!

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