Tuesday 10 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 10/06/2014: Playing catch-up!

Well folks, I had a whole day to myself today but I've been extremely busy! I tried to find time to finish my Guest Post but could only manage to write a bit more as I want it to be perfect and at the moment it isn't. I've had so much to do blog and reading-wise too! I posted my 'Top Ten Tuesday' list, wrote a review after I finished 'Stolen Songbird', caught up as best I could on my Bloglovin' feed, started 'Game Of Thrones' (my next read) and I've been trying to work on some Author interview questions too in preparation for a Blog Tour in July! Phew! I've never done an Author Interview before and the Perfectionist in me really wants to get this right so fingers crossed I work this out. I did have time to look at my stats today and I have to say guys that I'm shocked! While I haven't been watching, my page views per day seem to have doubled and at times tripled from the 50-80 that they used to be to a steady 100-150 at least. My highest in the last few days has been over 400 page views and I'm totally astounded! Thank you all so much for the sudden interest and support, it really makes me feel like I must be doing something right!

Tomorrow I have work in the afternoon till the evening, so I'll have a little less time on my hands. I will be working my socks off on catching up with my rather slow-starting June though, rest assured! I'm catching the train too, so yippee! Extra reading time!

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