Wednesday 11 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 11/06/2015: More news!

Well guys I'm totally knackered so I will make this post very short. I spent this morning with my lovely boyfriend, who last minute decided to come round and keep me company. We watched another episode of Game Of Thrones and then he took me to the station which was very sweet of him. I then spent the afternoon, and a bit of the evening, at work as I said yesterday. I'm tired now, but it wasn't too bad! The weather was lovely! I did manage to get a minute amount of reading done but not an awful lot and I fear that today has been a bit unproductive. I have had a couple of interesting things happen though! Firstly, the lovely Jennifer from Donnie Darko Girl informed me that I'd won her giveaway for an E-copy of Sarah Dalton's 'Mary Hades' which I'm so happy about. I've been an avid follower of Dalton's Facebook page for quite a while, but haven't yet had time to read any of her work. Now I can! Thank you Jennifer, your news truly made my day! My next exciting piece of news is that I've received another Author request! This is nothing new for more experienced bloggers, but for me it's extremely exciting! The book in question is H.L.Burke's 'Dragon's Curse' and it's received some pretty good reviews so I would definitely love to give it a go!

Tomorrow I am seeing Mat again in the morning and have an Optician's appointment but after, I'm free to catch up on all of these jobs that need doing. Procrastination is a terrible habit that I should not be allowing myself to fall into!

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