Friday 27 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 27/06/2014: Picking up a parcel!

My day today has been pretty relaxing! I slept in a little, and felt a lot better than I did yesterday (thank goodness) so got myself some breakfast and had a nice bath. I then spent the rest of the morning reading a bit of John Green's 'Paper Towns'. My Dad finished work early so I had lunch with him, then made my way to town to pick up a few bits from Boots and collect a parcel from the Sorting Office! It was my latest Goodreads Giveaway win, 'The Vanishing Witch' by Karen Maitland. The book looks like a really exciting read which I'm looking forward to getting into. Talking of Giveaway wins, I received another email telling me I'd won a copy of R.J. Ellory's 'Carnival Of Shadows' which looks like a really cool read! I can't believe my luck! I saw Mat this evening after he had finished work and we looked into some things to do while we were in Wales, which I'm really excited about! Not too long to go!

Tomorrow I have work so my reading day is going to be a bit broken up. I hope to finish and get a review up for 'Paper Towns' though! I'm also off out with Mat in the evening to a Darts night, so that should be good fun!

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