Saturday 28 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 28/06/2014: Darts night!

I literally just finished reading 'Paper Towns'. I'm afraid I'm far too tired to start the review now but first thing tomorrow it will be up! Today ended up being a pretty busy day. I had work from 11 till 4 and that went surprisingly quickly, though it took up a fair chunk of my day. After work I had dinner,  read a little then went to pick Mat up from work. We both went out with Mat's family this evening which was nice! We didn't get up and play any darts but did have fun watching and socialising. I then got home late but decided I really should finish reading the book before bed.

Tomorrow I have work again but I will post the review and the Weekly Wishlist! I'll also be starting on my next read! Hooray!

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