Monday 18 August 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans: Books, Baking and a trip to the Zoo!

It's been a pretty laid back week this week, I haven't had a whole lot of shifts at Work so I've had time to do nice things this week and make time for me!

Monday 11th: I did have work on this day during the afternoon but in the morning I took the opportunity to catch up on a bi of reading, and managed to get quite a way through Rebecca Levene's 'Smiler's Fair'. I did actually sign up to a Readathon too which has really aided me in focusing on reading a lot more and organising myself better! When I got to work, I rang the Clarks store in London to organise a meeting with the Manager about transferring there in September. That's happening Tuesday 19th so look out for that outcome!

Tuesday 12th: I had a day off and so I wrote my Top Ten Tuesday post and did a fair bit of reading. The most exciting part of the day was my sister having her friends over and doing a spot of baking. They made some lovely chocolate chunk cookies this time. Bev's getting pretty good at this baking malarkey and to be honest, I'm happy to be Official Food Taster for her. It was nice to not be doing an awful lot for the day too! I also managed, very late at night, to finish 'Smiler's Fair'!

Wednesday 13th: Definitely one of the best days of the week by far. I saw Mat and we decided to spend the day together doing something nice. In the morning, we walked to town and ran a few errands, before heading to the clothes shops to buy a new smart outfit for me! We went to McDonalds for lunch, then headed back to mine. Mat quickly drove off to get his haircut while I sorted out my Ipod, then we drove to the zoo for the afternoon. It was so much fun, I absolutely adore the zoo and we saw  a fair few animals! It certainly made for a very nice trip and I got the chance to take a few pictures too. In the evening, we went out to our favourite restaurant 'Little Raj' and had a gorgeous curry. All in all, a lovely day.

Thursday 14th: Work again today! Had a really good shift actually, and it went very quickly because it was so busy! As well as work, my sister had her exam results back and she got some really good ones. 2 As and 2 Bs! It means she can study the subjects she wants at A Level and everyone was chuffed to bits, so I bought her a present (a book of course, 'Afterwards' by Rosamund Lupton). Although I started it the day before, I got a proper chance to get into 'Cinder' by Marissa Meyer, especially as I was on the train a lot. Today was 'Life Of A Blogger' day too!

Friday 15th: Another day off meant I spent time with Bev and her friend Caz. More baking ensued. They made this ridiculously huge chocolate cake (seriously, Bruce Bogtrotter would have struggled) and it was absolutely delicious! We also did a lot of TV watching, including a couple of episodes of Misfits and some more Doctor Who. Late at night again, I finished 'Cinder' which I absolutely adored and left me on a high for the rest of the night.

Saturday 16th: Back to work again today though again, this didn't turn out to be too bad. This time I drove so there was no reading for me, though I did start Ben Aaronovitch's 'Rivers Of London' and am enjoying it so far. A lot of decorating got done on Saturday, as the Parents are currently redoing the front room. I picked Mat up from work that evening and went to his for a couple of hours to relax.

Sunday 17th: Most of Sunday was actually taken up by me doing a spot of baking. To start with, I slept in till late and then Bev and I decided to make cupcakes for a blog post of hers. We picked two different recipes, then popped to Sainsburys to pick up some ingredients. It was a really fun afternoon (we had lunch before starting) and they didn't turn out totally perfect, but they were still absolutely scrummy! Mat came round in the evening before going to the Cinema with his friend to sample some and I got a really good amount of reading done!

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