Thursday 7 August 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 'Best Childhood Memory'.

Wow so this is a pretty difficult topic. I have a ton of childhood memories, but to pick a favourite? Nearly impossible...

I suppose it could be the first time I went to the Theatre. I was in Year 7 and our Community Leader decided to take us to see 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', that was in London's West End at the time. I absolutely adored the film and, found myself totally bedazzled by the show, cast, special effects, lighting, live music etc. I'm pretty sure I fell in love for the first time that day, and my passion for live Drama, Musicals and performances has never died. If you ever get the chance to see the show (or even the film) then do, it's fantastic!

Man there are so many! This is probably the one memory that really impacted my life though, I ended up studying Performing Arts at University after all! 

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