Thursday 28 August 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 'Fears'.

Okay this is a really interesting topic, I can't wait to read everyone else's responses to this! As for me, I have a few different phobias. A couple of them are pretty standard, and then I have a few really bizarre ones too!

Firstly, spiders. I just hate these so much and even typing the name has sent me scanning the ceiling for them. When looking for pictures, I had to use clip art silhouettes because I was too scared to put an actual photo. Big or small, you can guarantee I'll be terrified, potentially screaming, and probably won't move until it is removed from my presence. I definitely can't sleep knowing there is one about. The thing is, I don't really like to have them killed either because I know it isn't the little critter's fault that it petrifies me. Luckily, my adorable boyfriend Mat is very good at safely taking spiders outside so I don't have to be near it, but don't have to kill it either! I have a very similar problem with Wasps and Bees too because I know they could hurt me.

Next would have to be answering the phone or making phone calls. Most people don't really like to do this, my Dad doesn't at all. But then, most people just suck it up and do it anyway. I'm definitely getting a lot better at this, but when I first started having to do this often, I would cry, panic and shake, and try my level best to get out of it if I could. The thing is, once I'm actually on the phone, I'm mostly okay! It's just getting me to pick it up that's the problem. It's a fear I intend to completely eradicate though, as I'm going to have to do it a lot in my life. I'd say this phobia has probably affected my day to day life the most of them all.

My next fear is probably my strangest and yet maybe not so surprising. I have a very definite fear of water. Now this isn't me saying I'm refusing to get in a bath or have a shower because I can't bear it, though those things (particularly showers) make me feel a little uncomfortable. I just can't bear to be splashed or go near the water if I can help it. I can't swim either because no one has ever been able to teach me. I am just so afraid of drowning, asphyxiation to me sounds truly terrible. I know it's meant to be a very peaceful way to die but the idea very much frightens me so don't try to convince me otherwise! I was recently nominated to do the Ice Bucket challenge, and I was absolutely terrified. I did do it and it felt like a really big thing to me, while for others it was a breeze.

Those are probably my three main fears though I'm a pretty anxious person generally. I don't deal with change well (this whole moving up to London business has been very stressful for me) and I also recently discovered that large crowds of people around me can really bring on terrible panic attacks. I'm also pretty frightened of Alzheimer disease. My Gran had it and just the very thought of slowly losing all my memories until everything is gone terrifies me. Horrible!

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