Friday 14 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 14/03/2014: Gridlock!

Well, my ideas for today's particular post have been a little ruined I'm afraid. I knew that I wouldn't have much to say, but I did plan on going to the Cinema today to watch 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' with Mat! Unfortunately, the traffic on our journey was total chaos and we spent a good ten minutes sat totally still waiting to pull out of a packed roundabout exit. After realising we had five minutes till the film started, we thought it best to just go home. We plan to go tomorrow instead, which I'm very much looking forward to, but it means that I can't talk about it today! Darn!

So this morning I did quite a bit more blog planning as it happens. I have a really busy week coming up (I've mentioned this so many times) and so I want to be sure that blog-wise, everything can still go to schedule and I will have no problems writing posts as well as getting all my assignments over and done with! I also did a massive amount of reading this morning, which I'm very chuffed about. The book today was 'Daughter Of Smoke & Bone' (I'm switching between my two current reads to try and make more progress) and just like 'The Snow Child', I am loving this book! It's so hard to put them down! I can't wait to review them both, and share my thoughts on them!

The afternoon was spent helping my Dad do a bit of tidying, but mainly dedicated to Uni coursework. I really want to get it all done this weekend if I can because then I only have to worry about my practical assignments next week (which are ridiculously stressful by themselves). I think though, if I set my mind to it, I can achieve this and actually next week will probably be okay in the end. Once it's over I am literally going to jump for joy. Literally. I then picked Mat up from the station and we drove quickly to get some fuel and drop his stuff at his house before coming back to mine. I'll take this opportunity to mention that today was absolutely gorgeous! Okay, so it was a bit nippy but the sun was actually really bright and I wore a sleeveless top for the first time in ages! I'm so glad that Summer is reminding me that it's on its way!

Mat and I spent the rest of the evening chilling at mine. You already know that we planned to go out but were prevented from doing so. It was nice to just spend a bit of time chilling out though if I'm honest, so I didn't mind too much! I definitely still want to see the film though. I'm actually going to be staying at his tomorrow so I will most likely write tomorrow's post from his place! Exciting stuff!

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