Tuesday 25 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 25/03/2014: Racing through my planned reads!

Well, what a lovely few days I've had in London! I woke up this morning still buzzing about last night's trip to see 'Les Misérables' and unable to get any of the songs out of my head. Mat had a couple of lectures to go to today so I was left mostly to my own devices, relaxing. My first port of call was to post my 'Top Ten Tuesday' for this week. I literally love this meme, it's so fun reading other people's lists and seeing how they compare. It makes me feel a lot more like I'm part of a big blogging community. I'm home now, I travelled back this evening after enjoying a delicious curry with Mat. He's off visiting a friend for a couple of days so I'll have to wait till Friday before seeing him again!

As well as this I managed to finish 'Chasing Sky'. I really liked this book, which you'll read in my review so please check that out if you're interested. I've started on 'The Telling Error' by Sophie Hannah, which was a Goodreads 'First Reads' giveaway win (I figured that I really need to get round to reading and reviewing these, seeing as I was lucky enough to win them). It is an unedited proof and not actually released until April 2014. I'm not very far in at all but I'm really loving it so far, the beginning draws you into the action instantly! I haven't read many books of this genre so I'll be intrigued to see how that effects my review of it when I'm done. As many of you have probably seen, next on the list will be 'Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale' which I'm ridiculously happy to be reading. I hope to get both of these books finished by the end of March so I can sneak it in as an extra challenge entry, but it doesn't matter too much if I don't!

Tomorrow is back to reality for me a little bit I'm afraid! I have work in the afternoon, so my reprieve from travelling to Canterbury hasn't been a long one! This doesn't matter though, it's a little shift and I still have the surrounding day to relax or get some things done if I want to!

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