Tuesday 18 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 18/03/2014: Glad to be home!

That's right everyone, I'm back at my house! I had planned to be at my friends house for one more night, but in the end I've been so stressed and exhausted that I really wanted to just be in my own bed, rather than spend half of tomorrow travelling home. This morning I woke up early, still not fully recovered from my exhausting day yesterday. The friend that I was staying with had her own show to perform tonight so she needed to be in super early, meaning I also had to get up. While she was in her Dress Rehearsal, I spent the morning doing my 'Top Ten Tuesday' post and a few other bits and bobs while I waited for my work shift. I had an enjoyable morning despite being tired and still feeling a little on edge.

This afternoon I had work. Nothing much to say other than it was tiring, but it helped me take my mind off of this stressful week I'm having, and my up and coming assessment on Thursday, at least for a little while anyway. I finished work at half 5, and literally legged it back to Uni for this evening's shows which started at 6. I can honestly say that I'm so glad I went to watch them. They were all really good, there was so much talent and effort that went into each and every one, and in the end I was so happy for all of my friends who were involved in the night's proceedings. It was a huge success! It did mean though that I was catching the train at 25 past 10 this evening and I was knackered. I got a bit more reading done though (I'm sneaking it in here and there).

Tomorrow I plan to get a lot of coursework done. And I mean a lot. No procrastination, no excuses, I'm finishing it. Once that's done, I'll do my 'Life Of A Blogger' post and schedule it for Thursday, because I won't have time on the actual day to do it at all (I'm in 8 till late again). Once Thursday is over though, look forward to a happier and significantly less stressed me! Yay!

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