Thursday 13 March 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 'Favourite Place'

So here we are! My first 'Life Of A Blogger' participation post! This week's theme is 'Favourite Place'. Now, this one is quite a broad topic and can be taken in a variety of ways and so let's start closest to home and work my way out.

So to start with, my home town: Ashford. Now I have to say the town itself is not coming under this category, but the Cinema in it is definitely one of my favourite places! Yes, I know you can find Cinemas pretty much everywhere, but I go to the cinema here pretty much every week (or try to, I've been slacking a bit recently) with Mat and it's our favourite place to go out together. I've always been a huge fan of films and I just get so excited when I go, watching films that 9 times out of 10 I enjoy, and trailers for what's coming out soon. So yes, here in Ashford, the cinema is my favourite place.

Next: Pluckley. It's just on the outskirts of Ashford, and within this lovely little village, resides a very good friend of mine who I've known for years (and has recommended me most of my books). But the village itself is just so pretty! I have so many fond memories of this place and there's so much to it considering how small it is. It's in the country so upon visiting you'll find farms, woods, fields, orchards, the lot! When I was younger, my four friends and I used to explore absolutely everywhere and it was always so much fun! There's some real hidden gems that you had to actually look for to find: underground chambers and abandoned barns that we would spend the whole day exploring. I love Pluckley because of a stage in my late childhood/early teens that it represents. As well as this, Pluckley is rumoured to be the most haunted Village in England. As you can imagine, Halloween parties here were pretty fun as a result!

Another favourite place of mine? Canterbury! Now this is the place where I go to University and work every week, and so as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time here. It's a good thing I love the place then! Canterbury is a gorgeous City with cobbled streets, a beautiful Cathedral and plenty to keep you entertained on your visit! There are bookshops galore to start with so that instantly puts it in my good books, pretty much every kind of high street shop you could be after for shopping, some wonderful restaurants, and plenty of Tourist bits and bobs! Honestly I love this place and can't wait till it gets a bit more Summery because Canterbury is beautiful in the sunshine! The best bit of all for me though is the Marlowe Theatre. They put on such amazing shows there and I scan their up and coming performances very regularly. Also, anyone who lives in Kent will tell you that their yearly Pantomime is the best around! No question!

Last but certainly not least: London! Now, London hasn't always been my favourite place. I've always loved the idea of the countryside so the busy city, with it's never-ending traffic flow, and scary Tube was not my cup of tea at all to begin with. But as I've grown up, it has become a sort of second home to me. The amount of Theatre and Shopping opportunities there just override all of the bad. London is absolutely packed to the brim of places to go, sights to see, things to do, etc. that you can't help but have a good time! Mat goes to Uni there, and I go and stay with him often. I've grown to really love it and am actually going to move there after I have finished Uni back in Kent because it will make a lot of things easier for me! I can't wait!

So there we have it, my favourite places! I did have another one to add, my bedroom, but I didn't want to take a picture of it because it's a bit messy and I'm ashamed! I love these places though and hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing about them. Next week's topic is 'Travel' so I look forward to sharing my limited experience of faraway places that I've visited!

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