Monday 3 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 03/03/2014: Really. Slow. Internet.

I am so tired, and my internet is being ridiculously slow tonight so I won't make this long. I got up early this morning. I woke up feeling a bit apprehensive actually, though I can't really explain why. I drove to Uni and had a pretty productive Multimedia lecture. Firstly, the lovely girl in my class playing the 'Narrator' in my piece got to read through my finished script and really liked it. The guy playing my 'Wolf' showed me the voice that he planned to use for the recorded dialogue, and my goodness, it is perfect. If you want an idea of how it sounds, think Shere Khan from Disney's 'The Jungle Book' and you basically have it. It is exactly what I was after and I'm really pleased.

I finally got round to doing some programming too and working out exactly how I'm going to make everything work. I'll sort it out properly next week but it's nice to make some actual progress there as it was starting to stress me out a bit. I got a bit more art from Imogen which was good, and it looks like she's going to be able to do a bit of animation for me! Wahoo! I still have a lot to sort, but I've been given a show date now and so I know when it's happening and what time. It still feels very far away but I know this is going to creep up on me so fast. I'll be so glad when the next moth or so is out of the way.

After Uni, I had work and my shift went quite quickly which I was pretty glad about. I drove back home again, blasting the 'Frozen' soundtrack out at high volume and almost fell asleep as soon as I sat down in my living room. Oh, I also had the hairdresser come over tonight and she put a few layers in my hair, shortened it and it feels very swishy. I would like to do something a bit more exciting with it once all my Uni stresses are over but I'm not sure what yet. Not long ago I ordered 'Finding Sky' by Joss Stirling and 'Cinder' by Marissa Meyer (I'm splitting the cost of that one with Bev). A couple more reads to add to the ever-growing list!

No reading was done today (again). I did say it was going to have to take the backseat this month, I hope to complete all of my challenges for this month at least but can't promise anything at this stage. I'll do some tomorrow morning along with some more work and a bit of audition preparation (I'm almost 100% sure I'm doing it this time)!

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