Tuesday 11 March 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Favourite Books In The Fantasy Genre'

As I've already said this is an unplanned post. I've been ultra busy today and have only just got round to doing it now. The topic this week was 'Top Ten Books in (X) Genre', so I chose the Fantasy Genre. I'm going to cheat a tiny bit because a good majority of Fantasy Books I've read were read quite a while ago and not really what I would describe as 'my favourite'. Therefore I've chosen 5 Fantasy books that I really loved and would happily read over and over. I've also chosen 5 Fantasy books that I'm really looking forward to reading over the course of this year.

Favourite Fantasy Books I've Read:

1. 'The Immortals' Series, Tamora Pierce.

Now I found this pick a bit difficult. When I say 'The Immortals' Series by Tamora Pierce, what I actually mean is 'every single book' by Tamora Pierce because I find them all amazing. I didn't want the hassle of finding every cover though, so I chose this series in particular because it's the one I really remember loving out of all of them. Like most of her book series, it is set in Tortall but of every series set there, it was definitely my favourite. I would recommend reading them all though (and there are a lot). The first in this particular series is 'Wild Magic' and I highly recommend it!

2. 'Inkheart', Cornelia Funke.

I read both 'Inkheart' and 'Inkspell' a while back, never getting enough to read the final one in the series. They were really awesome books though and I fell in love with them instantly. Awesome characters, fantastic plot, vividly described settings, Funke thought of everything and I never ever came away disappointed. Also, anyone who reads this book will probably fall in love with Dustfinger. An awesome name for an awesome character!
3. 'The Name Of The Wind', Patrick Rothfuss.

This book was amazing! It is the first of the 'Kingkiller Chronicles' and I was sold by the very first page. So beautifully detailed, I was hooked. Rothfuss is a fantastic writer and this Epic Fantasy just got me like not many other books can. It is the first book I have read that describes a character's life story in such great detail and still manages to make it interesting throughout. It is one of my all time favourite books and so naturally, makes it to this list. The second in the series, 'The Wise Man's Fear' is on my to read list and I can't wait!

4. 'Eragon', Christopher Paolini.

Yet another Fantasy Epic that I just loved. I have read the thirst three books of 'The Inheritance' series and I really liked them all. Eragon is the first and that is why it made this list. Because it started the obsession. Well thought-out, Paolini is a wonderful writer and this book was the book that drew me into Fantasy books in the first place. The world that he creates is just fantastic. Now to get on to the fourth and final book of the series, 'Inheritance'! 
5. 'The Host', Stephanie Meyer.

It is no great secret that I am not a fan of the 'Twilight' series. When a friend begged me to read this stand-alone by the same author, I was skeptical that I could possibly enjoy it when I'd found her previous work so awful. But, read it I did and I hold my hands up to being totally wrong. The plot was good, the romance story-line was actually interesting and the characters wonderfully written. This was an amazing read, I couldn't put it down and I think credit should be given when it is deserved, so here it is on the list. Well done Meyer!

Fantasy Books I'm Really Looking Forward To:

1. 'The Daughter Of Smoke & Bone', Laini Taylor.

So as you know, I am currently reading this one. Literally I've just come away from the first couple of chapters on the train this evening. The excitement for what this book promises to offer is just ridiculous. I had heard so many good things, that I knew I had to read it and so far I am enjoying it, and intrigued to see what will happen next. I cannot wait to work my way through it over the coming weeks and share my thoughts on this hugely blogged about book!
2. 'The Painted Man', Peter V. Brett.

Another Fantasy Epic that has sat on my bookshelf for goodness knows how long. A friend of mine bought it for me and has been pestering me ever since to read it ASAP. Now that this blog is up and running and I'm actually planning when I will read books, I can't wait to finally get round to it! Hooray for me finally getting round to catching up on the books I've been missing out on!

3. 'Poison Study', Maria V. Snyder

This book has been on my radar for a very long time. It was recommended to me years and years ago and has haunted my friends bookshelves, blog posts from fellow book bloggers and my Amazon wishlist ever since. But finally, I got round to buying it. It's in the pile and just waiting for me to pick it out for a month's planned reads. The excitement I have about this book is just indescribable.

4. 'The Final Empire', Brandon Sanderson.

Again, the same friend who bought me 'The Painted Man' has been begging me to read some Brandon Sanderson. After a lot of nagging and hinting, I bought one to shut her up and really thought 'I'll read this as soon as I get a chance'. Well it looks like this year might just be the year! All of Sanderson's books look like such good reads and I am very much looking forward to delving into one at last.

5. 'Tithe', Holly Black.

This book, much like 'Poison Study', has haunted me. I've seen it on every recommendation list, heard so many people talking about it and yet in the blogging world it's virtually unfindable. I remember reading the first chapter a long time ago (my friend gave it to me to read while she was at an appointment) and loving it, but she took it back and I never got to borrow it from her. It's on it's way now and on this month's planned reads. Excited? Me too!

And there we have it! My top 5 favourite Fantasy reads, and my top 5 favourite Fantasy books I've yet to read! Next week's topic is the 'Top Ten Books On Your Spring 2014 TBR List'! I guess this covers a couple of them, but there are so many that I think I'll find Ten new ones to talk about quite easily! I hope I'll be a bit more organised for next week this time as well!

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