Monday 10 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans; 10/03/2014: Some time to myself?

It's quite late and I'm using my friend's laptop so I won't be making this too long! I've had a pretty eventful day, starting with getting to Uni and making some real headway with my Portfolio! Also, on the train there I actually managed to get some reading done so I'm about ten percent of the way through 'The Snow Child'. Thank goodness because I hate feeling like I'm getting behind on it. After spending a good six hours on that (I'm not even joking) I had a tutorial and he told me that he was pleased enough with my progress. Hooray for me!

I've spent quite a lot of today with a couple of my Uni friends, and it was such a relief to finally have some time to myself. They told me off for over-working and made me actually have fun! It was really nice, I feel like I haven't really spent much time with my friends other than when we're in lectures. The rest of my evening saw me on the Tech Deck at Uni watching the Tech previews for some of the shows on my night. I was in till gone 10 o clock this evening, so I'm shattered! I'm sat now on the laptop with a cup of tea and looking forward to a sort of day off tomorrow!

I've had a good evening for a completely different reason too, it turns out I've won a giveaway on a blog! An E-Book of 'The Invention Of Wings' by Sue Monk Kidd will be on it's way to me very soon and I'm very excited. So thank you very much Bibliobrat for hosting the giveaway! My 'Top Ten Tuesday' post is still only a maybe, I don't know if I'm going to be able to justify spending a huge amount of time on it while round my friends, it seems a bit rude! Also, I have found out that Tom Hiddleston has been nominated for an Oliver Award in the best actor category, and Mark Gatiss has been nominated for the best supporting actor award, both from their work in Coriolanus. I'm so happy and excited about this,  it is so well deserved. I can't wait to see the winners! 

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