Saturday 15 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 15/03/2014: 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

It is quite late at night because I've just got back to Mat's house from the cinema so I won't spend too long on this one! I've had a pretty good day today, though it has gone quicker than I thought it would. Aside from blog planning and a bit of reading, it has mostly been filled with Uni work. I did watch 'Mad Max 2' with my Dad which broke it up a bit. But still the most interesting part was seeing Mat and spending the evening with him. After a nice, long afternoon at his house playing games, eating pasta and generally enjoying each other's company, the time came to head to the cinema.

The film itself was fantastic. 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' largely centres on telling the story of a young Lobby Boy and his adventures as he teams up with the hotel's eccentric concierge, Gustav, to hide a painting and figure out who killed its previous owner, a very...close...friend of Gustav's. It's a fantastic comedy, and made me laugh a lot (just what I needed right now). The score too I would like to mention was just wonderful! It suited the film in everyway, odd but charming. I definitely want it ASAP. The acting too was awesome. Special mention to Ralph Fiennes who was every bit the camp, endearing and hilarious host he was meant to portray. Tilde Swinton was hardly in the film and I almost didn't recognise her, the make-up effects they used to age her were very clever indeed!

Above all though I adored the scenery. The film was so vivid in it's imagery and I loved the bright and captivating colours they used, making some shots look painted. It was a beautiful effect and very impressive, highlighting the 'storytelling' vibe they were going for. What a wonderful, eclectic film. I definitely recommend it if you get a chance to see it! Tomorrow I'm round Mat's for most of the day, followed by a Tech slot at Uni in the evening, then I'm staying at a friends!

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