Sunday 9 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 09/03/2014: Fixing Phoebe.

Well I've ended up having a pretty busy day today. My morning was completely filled with sorting poor Phoebe the Fiat out, we took off the wheel that had the nail in it to take it to the garage so that we could leave it there and not wait around. It's a good thing we did, they ended up taking a good couple of hours to get round to it because they had so many other jobs to do. As well as that, we put the tyre pressures to where they should be and I had a quick test drive round the block. Phoebe is as good as new! Hooray! It didn't cost too much either which was good!

In other news, today I got a hell load of portfolio work done! I avoided the blog/Goodreads/books as much as possible because deadlines are fast approaching and I need to spend the next couple of weeks focusing on those rather than letting this take over (as much as I enjoy it). My Weekly Wishlist post (that I was so excited about) went up today and I was quite proud that I got it done yesterday in order to concentrate better. While I worked, my Dad put 'Oliver!' on and reminded me just how much I love that film. Ron Moody is a legend on Earth, he really is. His Fagin just makes me laugh every single time I watch this film.

Tomorrow I'll be at Uni till very late, then staying at a friend's house so I don't know what the blogging situation will be like. This particularly concerns 'Top Ten Tuesday' as I haven't had time to plan the post and I've got a busy few days coming up! I'll see how it goes. Time to get back to work!

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