Thursday 20 March 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 'Travel'

Well I haven't really done much travelling over the course of my life in all honesty! Certainly, I know that I have only left the UK three or four times in my life, as when going on holiday, our family mostly traveled to other areas of England and stayed at Holiday Parks. These were always huge fun, but I wish that I had been able to see a bit more of the world as I grew up.

I've been to France once on a day out with my parents, sister, Aunt and Uncle! I was quite young and I don't really remember it all that well, but I do remember the journey there on the Eurostar, which was all very new and exciting at the time! We only went to a Shopping Centre I think, not to see any sights unfortunately but I remember it was still heaps of fun! 

I also went to Belgium, a few years later, on a school trip! This travel experience I can remember a bit better. We went to visit the trenches and graveyards, as we were learning about the Battle of the Somme at the time. But afterwards we were allowed to go and do some shopping and I bought a lot of Belgium chocolate. That was a really fun, interesting day and I learned a lot! I do enjoy History so it would be quite fun to return one day.

In terms of actual Holidays, my first and only Family Holiday was with my whole family on my Mother's side for my Grandparent's Wedding anniversary. We went to Malta! It was such a beautiful country, the people were really friendly and it was really nice being able to spend so much time with people that I don't get to see an awful lot. We went to Valletta (the Capital) on one of the days and even went to a 'Festa' at some point which I really enjoyed! I still recall those memories back with a lot of fondness. On a random side note, the lemonade that the Hotel served was delicious, the best lemonade I have ever tasted. I can't find the photos for the trip at the moment so I'll put a nice photo of Malta up instead!
My second Holiday out of the country was actually only last year, in Corfu with my boyfriend. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life and I'm so glad that we went! For those that don't know, Corfu is an Island just off the coast of Greece, meaning that Mythological figures were found just about everywhere. It was very romantic and we made the most of our week long trip! We toured the Island on a bus, went on two boat trips (one of which actually took us to Mainland Greece), relaxed at the beach and did plenty of browsing at the local markets! There was a beautiful shop near to the Hotel that we stayed at (it was a really nice Hotel by the way) that sold all sorts of beautiful, handmade statues! I fell in love with one of Artemis (the Greek Goddess of Hunting) immediately and the day before we returned home I bought it! It's on my window sill and just looking at it makes me remember just how amazing this holiday was. These photos are mine!
My last travel experience that I will mention isn't actually technically out of the UK, but it does involve travelling so in my eyes still comes under this category. It was last Summer again that I, and a couple of close mates, went to visit my friend who goes to Uni in Cardiff. I'd never been there before and was really surprised about how different it is to England! It was a wonderful place though and we had so much fun! We shopped, went bowling, visited 'The Doctor Who Experience' (which can I just say was awesome and well worth a visit), went to the Fairground and visited Cardiff Castle. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and thought it well worth a mention here!
While I'm on the subject of travel, I may as well talk about some places I would really love to go if I could. 

Firstly, America. Mat and I talked about actually going there for half a year and touring it, which would have been amazing! A bit expensive though, so alas, it looks to only be a dream. In particular, I would love to go to New York and watch some Broadway Shows, and Florida to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios! Call me a child but I never actually got to go to Disneyland like a lot of children did and so that will always be a dream of mine! 

Secondly, Japan. From early teens I have always loved the country. The culture, the beautiful scenery, everything about Japan looks so serene and beautiful! And Tokyo looks like such an awesome place to be as well! I will always want to visit their, even if only once in my life, just to see what it's like!

And that about sums up my travel experiences and aspirations! Though I haven't done an awful lot of travelling in my life up until now, I hope I'll get to do more in the future! Next week's topic will be 'Favourite Animals'!

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