Sunday 16 March 2014

Weekly Wishlist #4

Here we are again readers! Its time for my fourth Weekly Wishlist! Has it really been a whole month that I have been doing these? Time really does fly! So without further ado, I'll get onto the goodies I've got lined up for this week!

1) 'The Marvel Encyclopedia', Daniel Wallace. Now, anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge fan of the Marvel films. To the point of almost obsession. But in all honesty, I haven't actually read any of the comics. I love reading up about all the characters and would love to have this book so that I can learn more about the Marvel Universe itself, and maybe discover a few new facts about my favourite characters that I didn't already know. I think it would help me gain more of an appreciation for the films if I understood the comics a bit better! Also, the same author has written another Encyclopedia for the DC Universe and so yes please to that one too! 'A Single Shard'; Linda Sue Park. I saw this book last week on a post by Bookmark To Blog and now want it so much that I'm putting it on here! A bit of research tells me the book centres on a young orphan who admires the work of a talented local potter from afar until he accidentally breaks an important piece and must face the consequences of this. It looks like an interesting read, though aimed at younger readers than myself. The cover art looks great too!
3) 'The Night Circus'; Erin Morgenstern. Oh how I want this book. Too long has this been on my radar without me doing a single thing about it! The cover art is just beautiful and the plot-line looks so intriguing! It focuses on the apprentices of two powerful magicians, who are unwitting pawns in a powerful game against one another, while simultaneously falling in love. Sounds great right? The sooner I have this book, the better.

4) The 'Supernatural' Box Set. Everywhere I go, I hear about this series. All of my friends have watched it, it's all over the internet, Amazon are constantly emailing me about it. And yet...I have never watched it. Why? Because I have never had the time. But this Summer is going to be my chance to catch up on everything that lack of time management has made me miss out on. So I figure this box set is top of the list!

5) A Ticket To The London Expo. Last but not least: London Comic Con. This is the perfect convention for me. Comics, manga, anime, games, movies, geekery, it is all here. But I have never been because I have either been working or doing something else. I feel like I've been massively missing out! But this year, I sense a change. I don't work weekends anymore, Uni will be over, I won't have anything holding me back. I absolutely plan to make the most of it.

Ta dah! My list is complete. These are so useful, my birthday is coming up and now I know what to ask for! As always, click pictures for links to the items!

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