Tuesday 8 April 2014

Daily shenanigans, 08/04/2014: I have the 'Divergent' series!

I had another good day today. Firstly, I didn't need to get up so early this morning, and when I did, I wrote my 'Top Ten Tuesday' post and replied to some others. Then I got ready for the day, needing to be in Canterbury to help my friend with some stuff for Uni at 01.00pm. The weather was a lot better today, a bit chilly, but better than the torrential rain we had yesterday. I read a bit more of my book while on the train, then made my way to Uni. It only involved doing some recordings, so nothing too drastic! Still, I got to see a few friends that I hadn't in a while and it was a lot of fun!

Also, on the way back through town to head home after, I went to 'The Works' to buy a prop for my Multimedia piece. While there,of course I had a little browse at the books. I found the entire Divergent series for £9.99! What an absolute bargain! Of course I snapped it up, I've been desperate to read those books for goodness knows how long! I'm so glad I bought them, and on the train home, I read a bit more of my book! I'll be getting a lot of it read tomorrow morning before work! I don't really have an awful lot more to say about today, it may have been nice but it was pretty uneventful. 

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