Tuesday 1 April 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 01/04/2014: April Fool's Day!

That's right, today is April Fools Day. I haven't been on the receiving end of much trickery today, but one thing I did do was a lot of blogging. And I mean a lot! Including this one, I posted a total of four posts today! Firstly, I shared my Planned Reads for April which I'm really excited about. As well as that, I shared my Top Ten Tuesday and signed up to the Bookish Bingo challenge I mentioned yesterday, so I'm very excited to get started on that!

Other than that, I had to give my car a bit of a wash this morning (though not very successfully) because this strange dust stuff had gotten all over it! It's still pretty smeary but a lot better than it was before, so it looks like someone professional is going to have to do it because I'm not very good at it. I'm not entirely sure what the dust is, it was all over my car and my Dad's, and it looks like sand! Most odd! After that, I went to get some fuel, then sped off to Uni to get some more work done and help my friend with hers! I was there till pretty late this evening, but had a nice day nonetheless. The weather today was beautiful!

Tonight after posting this, I'm going to make some serious headway with 'Tithe'. Ideally I want to finish it and review it tomorrow, or if not, by Thursday. This is because I have a lot of reading to do this month and I can't allow myself to fall far behind like last month! Tomorrow is looking pretty full, I'm in Uni at some point tomorrow morning, followed by work in the afternoon. Still, I'll have the evening to get things done!

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