Sunday 6 April 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 06/04/2014: A day with the Sister!

Well the day did not bode well for me in the beginning. I woke up with a splitting headache and feeling a bit sick. But, after taking something for it, I soon felt better. The rest of the day involved me doing a lot of blog commenting, internet browsing, writing my 'Weekly Wishlist' and reading (I'm halfway through this amazing book and I really don't want to stop)! I have really enjoyed this lovely day off, because it felt like the first day off that I've had to myself in ages despite the fact that it's the holidays now!

I actually spent quite a bit of time with my sister today which was really nice. We played a lot of games on her iPhone (including a rather hilarious rendition of Charades), watched the end of 'Hairspray' on TV and just generally chilled together quite a lot chatting and having fun. This to me was quite important, I feel like recently we haven't spent a lot of time together because we have such different schedules now! She started and finished 'The Fault In Our Stars' today, and has told me that after my next read, I need to read it. Therefore it has gone up the list and put my neatly devised schedule out of order but my impatience to read this book and talk about it with her is just too great!

Tomorrow I'm back to Uni, and then at work so a long and slightly less relaxing day ahead for me! Still, it needs to be done, and then I'll spend the rest of the time doing some bits and bobs. No car for me, so I'll be taking the train. Extra reading time, hooray!

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