Sunday 13 April 2014

Weekly Wishlist #8

Wow have I really been doing these for two months already? Time really does fly with this Blog, I can't believe I'm in April!

1) The 'Tortall Companion Guide'; Tamora Pierce & co. Okay so this one is not out for a very long time. I read different things from different sources. Some say the end of this year, some say definitely next year, I've even seen 2016 written somewhere! Nevertheless, it's coming at some point. And I need it. Anyone who reads my blog will know that Tamora Pierce is my favourite author and I've basically read all of her books. Of course I'm going to want the Companion Guide too, no matter how long I have to wait! They can't keep it from me forever...

2) 'The Madman's Daughter'; Megan Shepherd. This book has been on my TBR list for quite a while. I love the cover, and I have heard an abundance of good things about this one. After looking into the book, it looks like such a unique and interesting read! I hope I can get my hands on it soon! It also has a sequel, 'Her Dark Curiosity' which looks equally as interesting and I would really love to get into this series, the sooner, the better.
3) 'If You Find Me'; Emily Murdoch. I first caught sight of this book while browsing through the Goodreads Giveaways. It immediately caught my eye as a book that might be quite interesting, and as I looked into it, I found myself wanting to read it more and more. I haven't really seen it around the blogosphere, but I've seen it in so many other places, and Amazon keeps trying to sell it to me, so that must mean I've looked at it enough times that every cookie on the internet has picked up on it!

4) Revlon's 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Collection. Now I've always thought Nail Varnishes are pretty, though I rarely have time to put them on myself. But I would make time for this collection! It popped up on my news feed one morning this week and I thought 'My goodness, Marvel nail varnishes?!'. Yes I know there is not really anything that separates them from normal nail varnishes, but the colours are pretty, no? They have Lip Glosses too if that appeals to anyone more!

5) Cheshire Cat Pendant. I love Alice In Wonderland! I wish I had a copy of the book with original illustrations such as this one. But I think that this pendant is gorgeous! The Cheshire Cat is one of my favourite characters too, so that's a bonus! It's quite a hefty price for a pendant, at £40, but I really think it's very pretty. I love the text in the background too!

Another week over! I'm still so shocked that I've done so many of these! The good news is, people around me have now told me they know what to get me for my Birthday, so I'm very excited! Normally I'm a bit rubbish at thinking of things that I want!

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