Saturday 5 April 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 05/04/2014: Happy Birthday Mum!

Yep! Today is my Mum's birthday! I got her a book (naturally) and a Kindle voucher because she so rarely has a chance to sit down and enjoy a good book, I wanted to give her the opportunity to do so! The day in itself has been pretty laid back actually. I got a bit more reading done, but not as much as I wanted to. Still: there's always tomorrow! As well as that, I watched 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' with my Dad (who hadn't seen it yet) and I had forgotten how good I thought this film was...and how much it made me cry! I really need to catch up with the rest of the world and read this series. The films are too good for the books not to be (I could just blabber on about how much I love Jennifer Lawrence for ages, but I'll spare you that). 

Mat came round again this evening, which was a lot of fun. We played Pokemon for the whole evening but it was nice to just chill out. I'm not going to see him for a few days, he's off with a friend of his on a mini holiday in a Caravan. It'll give me a chance (between work shifts and Uni visits) to get a lot done though! Oh also, a book that I've had my eye on: 'Phase' by Adam Hamdy was free on the Kindle when I looked today! Naturally, I bought it! So that was my exciting book treat of the day.

Today I managed to write a post that I didn't think I'd be able to, which I was pretty pleased about. It was a new monthly Meme, 'Six Degrees Of Separation', and it was a little tough, but a lot of fun! I highly recommend everyone join in next year, I loved seeing the direction that other people went with it and have now added even more books to my TBR list. This list is never going to end, there are just too many books to read in the world! I've been browsing some Book Reviewing websites as well, as I'm desperate to think about getting a bit more serious with this Blog, I enjoy writing for it so much! In particular, I was thinking about getting a NetGalley account and requesting books to review on there. I know quite a lot of bloggers that I follow have one, and get a lot out of it. But then part of me is a little scared that I'm not really a big enough blog to be joining a site like that yet and be seriously considered. It's something to think about anyway!

Tomorrow I have very little I need to do. A Weekly Wishlist post will be coming your way, and I'll be doing a lot of reading and (fingers crossed) finishing 'The Invention Of Wings'. Other than that, maybe a bit of coursework or watch a film? Who knows!

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