Thursday 24 April 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 24/04/2014: So...I've been to the Year 3000...

I have no words for what I've just experienced, McBusted put on one heck of a show! I'll start with the rest of the day. I basically spent it doing as little, and being as lazy, as possible. I finished 'The Hunger Games' which was awesome and I'll be reviewing it tomorrow! I also did a lot of sleeping and watching Mat play 'Mass Effect 3', so nothing too strenuous! Then at about half four in the afternoon, we hopped on the tube and made our way to the O2 Arena. I've never been before and it is huge and very impressive! Before doors opened, we needed to go and get something to eat so we ate in a lovely Italian Restaurant found inside the O2 Arena Building. The food was gorgeous, particularly the Chocolate Melt pudding. Yum!

Then of course, it was time to see the show! There were three warm up acts before McBusted. All of them were good, E of E did a great cover of Billie Jean! Also, Vix played and the front girl had a phenomenal voice! Well worth checking out! Of course, it was clear who everyone was really waiting for. Their entrance was just awesome, and they went straight into 'Air Hostess' which of course everyone knew! For those of you who don't know, McBusted is a fusion of McFly and Busted, two of my favourite bands from when I was younger. I have grown up knowing all the words to their songs and so I leapt at the chance to get tickets to see them live together!

They played a great set and I recognised most of the songs, including some of the classics, 'What I Go To School For', 'Five Colours In Her Hair', 'Obviously', and of course 'Year 3000' which is the one I think everyone was waiting for! I really enjoyed myself, the tech and set were absolutely amazing and they did a lot of really cool things (including flying down on a UFO) to entertain and astonish. If in the future you ever get the chance to see them, don't hestitate, just book! Our seats were pretty good too which made me happy. Not overly close to the stage but we could see perfectly. Mat and I came away with T Shirts and Souvenir Brochures/Programmes. I've just got through the door and I'm sat with a cup of tea while typing this, absolutely knackered. Okay so tea may not be the best idea at this time of night but hey, you only live once!

Mat has a couple of Uni bits to do tomorrow, so I'll be reviewing 'The Hunger Games' and doing a bit more reading. Next up is Holly Black's book of short stories, 'The Poison Eaters' which I imagine I'll get through quickly. 

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