Tuesday 15 April 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 15/04/2014: Should I join NetGalley?

Again another short post for a relatively boring day. I've had a bit of a headache and felt strange for most of it, so I didn't go into Uni today. Instead I did a lot of Uni work at my Laptop because it has suddenly hit me that the end of the Easter Holidays is near and that means more deadlines are approaching! The main blog-related thing that I have done today is my Top Ten Tuesday list (I literally am in love with this Meme) and I also managed to read a little more of 'A Certain Slant Of Light'. As for the planned 'The Fault In Our Stars' review, Myra has finished the book and we are coming up with Joint Review ideas, which should be up in the next couple of days. Very exciting!

I'm in Canterbury for most of tomorrow, recording Dialogue for my Multimedia piece and programming in some things too. After that, I'll be seeing Mat and relaxing for the evening, as I don't have work in the afternoon this week! I've been wondering today about whether I should start signing up to sites such as NetGalley, ready for when Uni finishes and Book Blogging becomes a much bigger focus of mine. I'm not entirely sure whether I really have the following or traffic flow to be taken seriously on such sites yet, and I don't want to create too much work for myself! At the same time, I love running this blog so much that I really want to work harder on improving it and bringing in more content for you guys! Especially as in the next month, Uni will be over and the free time available to me will absolutely skyrocket! Any help or suggestions/information about NetGalley and sites like it would be greatly appreciated!

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