Monday 5 May 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 05/05/2014: Why can't I reply to all comments on my blog?

So I've actually ended up having quite a book-filled day today! Yes I had some coursework to do and I did get some done, but a majority of my day was taken up with reading. I really wanted to finish 'Deep Blue' by Jennifer Donnelly, and I managed it! I have absolutely no regrets on this matter, it was a great book which I thoroughly enjoyed! the most depressing thing was realising that I would have to wait quite a while before the next installment is released! 'Deep Blue' also marks my first Netgalley feedback that I've sent off bringing my current percentage to a frankly pitiful 8.3%. I have a lot of reading to do!

Something I've been struggling with on here is not being able to reply to all comments that I receive. It really bugs me that I can't, I love it when people comment on my blog and I feel like they think I'm ignoring them but I can promise you all that is not the case! The 'Reply' button simply does not exist for some comments that are made on my post! How frustrating! If anyone has any ideas as to why this might be happening feel free to let me know, I would really like to be able to reply to everyone! While I'm talking about comments etc., I would just like to note that I've now reached 65 Bloglovin' followers and 36 on Google +. I am immensely proud and grateful that people enjoy reading my blog, so thank you all so much!

Not an awful lot else happened today I'm afraid. I'm off to Uni tomorrow to have a majorly productive day in terms of Uni stuff, deadlines are drawing ever closer. In terms of reading, next on the list is 'Cuckoo Song' by Frances Hardinge which looks delightfully creepy. Let's hope I don't get nightmares!

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