Saturday 17 May 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 17/05/2014: Playing with my new Samsung Tablet!

Having had such a busy last few days, I haven't had time to properly check out all the lovely presents everyone got me. But as I had a real day off today, I though I'd have a proper go of my new Tablet! Firstly though, I did get a lot of other things done too. I'm a good way through 'Thereafter' which I'm pleased about, and so far I'm enjoying it more than 'Hereafter'. I really want to finish it and get a review up tomorrow, so I'll read a bit more tonight before I sleep! As well as that, I played some more of 'Town Of Salem' (I am an addict) this time with my sister, which was fun! As for the Tablet, wow! I am so grateful to Mat for getting me such a lovely present, it is awesome! It will make things a little easier too for me, particularly blogging on the move as I'll no longer need to borrow other people's laptops or computers when I'm away from home just to post or check emails. It's a great investment into this blog, and generally a fantastic thing to have handy.

Speaking of Mat, I did end up seeing him today as I picked him up from work (he asked me to, even though it's a ten minute walk from his house. I call that laziness!) and we went to his house and watched Britain's Got Talent! I only saw him for a few hours but it was nice to spend some more time with him, and he bought me a case for my Tablet as an extra little birthday add-on, which was very sweet of him! Tomorrow's plan is to post my 'Weekly Wishlist', hopefully finish and review 'Thereafter', get a good way through 'A Red Tale' and sort out my mess of a room!

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