Thursday 22 May 2014

Life Of A Blogger: '101 Things I Hate'.

I honestly feel like I might fail at this one, 101 is a lot of hated things and hate is a very strong word! Let's give it a go though.
  1. Hayfever (horrendous allergy).
  2. Waking up far later than I planned to.
  3. Knowing I'm procrastinating but being unable to stop.
  4. Headaches. Especially the really bad ones.
  5. Feeling ill.
  6. Spiders.
  7. Answering the phone.
  8. The idea of not having oxygen or drowning.
  9. Humiliation.
  10. Being nervous.
  11. Stress.
  12. Feeling emotional.
  13. Crying.
  14. Being angry.
  15. Arguing with loved ones.
  16. When people I love are upset.
  17. Feeling uncomfortable.
  18. Being unable to finish chapters in books.
  19. Being interrupted.
  20. Wasps.
  21. Bees.
  22. People questioning my decisions.
  23. Hypocrites.
  24. People that are rude.
  25. Knowing I've been talked about.
  26. Knowing if people don't like me.
  27. Being a nuisance.
  28. Not feeling good enough.
  29. Pickled onions.
  30. Cheese and onion crisps.
  31. Not being able to swallow medicine well.
  32. Disappointing people.
  33. Being the bearer of bad news.
  34. Being torn between two decisions.
  35. The fact that I'm not overly independent.
  36. People pointing out my flaws.
  37. People teasing me.
  38. People that do stupid things while driving.
  39. People that are selfish.
  40. Strong, horrible smells.
  41. Pizza.
  42. Stomach aches.
  43. Pain.
  44. Making lists like this one.
  45. People who aren't tolerant.
  46. When I'm explaining something and they take ages to understand.
  47. Being looked down on.
  48. Feeling lonely.
  49. Being around too many people.
  50. Clubbing.
  51. The taste of alcohol.
  52. People who are overly disgusting for no reason.
  53. Feeling powerless.
  54. Poverty.
  55. War.
  56. Death.
  57. The media.
  58. Lack of honesty.
  59. Backtracking.
  60. Awkward moments.
  61. People that whine.
  62. When things don't go to plan.
  63. Feeling unprepared.
  64. Attention seekers.
  65. When I do stupid things.
  66. When others do stupid things.
  67. When people aren't sensitive or tactful.
  68. Not having time to myself every so often.
  69. When I have rare disagreements with Mat. They really upset me.
  70. My lack of immune system.
  71. When people can't stop spending money.
  72. Feeling like I've wasted a day.
  73. When I feel like I've forgotten something very important.
  74. When I forget what I was about to say.
  75. When people expect you to prioritise their needs over yours.
  76. Suddenly remembering you've left something somewhere.
  77. Trashy reality TV shows.
  78. Errors in films. Especially continuity errors.
  79. Books that are falling apart. I like it when books are new.
  80. Chick flicks (not hate, just mostly dislike).
  81. When I'm trying to sit quietly, then suddenly everyone is making noise.
  82. People that don't respect the beliefs of others.
  83. People that feel they are 'normal' and others are weird.
  84. Racism.
  85. Homophobia.
  86. Sexism.
  87. People that cause a huge scene in public.
  88. When I finally go to buy something, and the shop just sold the last one.
  89. Feeling out of my comfort zone.
  90. Not being in control.
  91. When people let me down.
  92. Feeling like I'm nagging people.
  93. Not meeting deadlines.
  94. Having to prioritise work over fun.
  95. Being away from Mat for too long.
  96. Feeling like people are annoyed with me.
  97. Waiting for a parcel.
  98. Animal cruelty.
  99. Repeating myself (which I bet I have).
  100. Getting bad grades.
  101. The fact that I have thought of 101 things. Does that mean I'm negative?
Goodness that took a while but I've done it! I'm not sure that is a good thing though. It makes me feel like I've been a bit pessimistic. Time to re-read my 101 things I love post!

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