Friday 16 May 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 16/05/2014: Road trip!

So today looked like it would be a little boring but turned out to be quite fun! I had a nice lay-in, though I continually woke up thinking it was much later than it was. When I finally got up, I had a bath and did a few bits and bobs before the afternoon. The original plan was to head to Canterbury alone and do some recording for my project. In the end, I took my sister with me who had just come out from an exam and it was a lot of fun! I managed to get all the recordings that needed doing done, then we took a little trip to the shops! It was really nice to spend time with Bev, we've both been really busy lately and it feels like we don't do all that much together anymore. I am still being good and sticking to my book buying ban, but I was tempted! This evening I've been playing a game with my friend that I am thoroughly addicted to (it's called Town Of Salem and it's online if anyone is interested).

Tomorrow, some Uni work and lots of reading! Mat is working all weekend so I'm pretty free!

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