Wednesday 14 May 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 14/05/2014: Back to work!

Today hasn't been overly exciting, certainly not compared to yesterday. I spent the morning doing a bit of tidying before heading off to work for the afternoon. The shift actually went pretty quickly, though I missed out on a lot of gorgeous weather because of it! I actually got to drive to and from Canterbury today because Phoebe the Fiat is finally back from her time away at the Garage! she's running really well now and I hadn't realised how much I'd missed driving until I was back behind the wheel once more. After work I quickly had dinner, got changed, then headed to Mat's for the evening (I was also dropping Phoebe round, he needs the car tomorrow). I spent the evening relaxing and finishing Cuckoo Song which felt like a huge weight off my mind. I am completely aware of how neglectful I have been with my reading and it has taken me ten days to get through this book! The review is up now and I am reading Terri Bruce's 'Thereafter' next, followed by Nicola Mar's 'A Red Tale'. Progress at last!

Tomorrow I am going to see my lovely friend who has been doing all the art for my Multimedia Project and hopefully put all that to bed once and for all! Then I'm off to the cinema with Mat in the evening to watch 'Godzilla'. Should be interesting! I also must do my Life Of A Blogger post, and get round to the tag questions that the lovely Val from Innocent Smiley Reviews posted absolutely ages ago for me and others to answer! 

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