Thursday 15 May 2014

The Book Blogger Test!

It has taken me such a long time to get round to doing these questions after Val from Innocent Smiley Reviews tagged me, but they're finally here! The rules of the Book Blogger Test are simple, answer the questions then tag five people! It was a bit of fun and I hope you enjoy reading.

1) What are your top three book pet hates?
- Okay to start with I cannot stand when characters make stupid decisions or have opinions that don't make sense. I know as a reader I'm granted a bit of hindsight that they don't have in most cases, but even when it's blindingly obvious that it is the wrong decision to make or opinion to have, they still do it! It drives me mental!

- When facts are wrong or not well researched. I find myself getting so mad when an author has not done their research properly and gets something really wrong. Context, be it of the author's invention or factual, is key for me when reading. If it's wrong, it can often ruin the book. Luckily I haven't encountered this too much!

- Endings that don't tie up loose ends properly. Even in a series I still expect a certain amount of finality to a book, but this one particularly applies to standalone novels. If they start well, really build up to something then just leave me with more questions at the end you will find me a very frustrated reader indeed.

2) Describe your perfect reading spot.
Sat in my bed actually. It's not particularly original or exciting but I love being propped up by cushions, snuggled in a duvet and absorbed in a book. Perfection.

3) Tell us three book confessions.
- Okay so this is going to be hard. A lot of people like to grant themselves the ability to put a book down if they hate it so much they can't finish. I cannot do that. Partly because I like to give it a fair chance but partly because I can't stand the thought of an unfinished book.

-  I do a tiny bit of judging books by their covers. And by 'a tiny bit' I mean a lot. If a book looks poorly covered or it doesn't look nice I tend to not even pick it up, even if the blurb or synopsis look interesting. I have a bit of an obsession with having books in a series have similar covers too and I have even avoided absolute bargains in the past because the cover isn't right.

- Like Val, I often base my opinions of a book on a gut feeling and rate them quite early on. Once I have a star rating in my head, it takes a lot to shift it! It doesn't normally move more than a star either way as well.

4)When was the last time you cried during a book?
Without a doubt, 'The Fault In Our Stars'. I bawled my eyes out at that one!

5)How many books are on your bedside table?
Strangely enough, none! I normally crowd my bedside table with them but I've recently cleared it off. A lot of my current and upcoming reads are on the Kindle too so that contributes to it. I have a lot scattered around my room though!

6)What is your favourite snack while reading?
Hands down, tea and biscuits is the superior reading accompaniment in my opinion. I could eat and drink them for a long, long time. I do enjoy eating chocolate while reading too.

7) Name three books you recommend to everyone?
  • The Book Thief; Markus Zusak
  • The Invention Of Wings; Sue Monk Kidd
  • Pride & Prejudice; Jane Austen
8) Show us a picture of your favourite bookshelf on your bookcase.
I really don't want to show this because it's a mess and I don't really have a favourite shelf! But I do have a pretty neat bookshelf which is actually an old looking cupboard that belonged to my Grandmother. I really love it so you can have a picture of that instead!

9) Describe how much books mean to you in just three words.
In three words? That is ridiculous!

I love them.

I'm ashamed that this is the best I could come up with.

10) What is your biggest reading secret?
Reading secret? I have no idea! I let it take over my life sometimes, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do! I might have to seek help soon...

Chrissi at Chrissi Reads
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Hope you enjoyed this post and finding out a little more about me!

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